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Yorkshire SaaS Provider Adventoris Set To Double Turnover In 2021 Following Successful 2020

newsDec 04, 2020

A leading Yorkshire software provider looks set to double its turnover in 2021, following a successful year supporting distribution and wholesale businesses during the pandemic.

Adventoris, based at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3M BIC) in Huddersfield, diversified its product offering to support distributors and wholesalers during the pandemic, leading to 100% growth in 2020 and a predicted turnover of £2.5m for 2021.

Adventoris is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and creator of SwiftCloud, a ground-breaking mobile business to business software that revolutionises the way companies make sales and engage with their customers.

Over the last four years, the business has experienced 100% growth per annum and in 2020 continued along this trajectory, growing its sales team, marketing team, software development and implementation team, and winning new clients at a record pace. Now with a team of 30, it plans to add a further 17 employees in 2021 and expand its international clients.

As well as supporting businesses through its B2B app, the team also responded to the changing needs of its clients during the pandemic. Adventoris adapted its B2B model to create a B2C version to support wholesale businesses that stock restaurants, cafes and bars with drinks and fresh produce.

Due to the pandemic and the closure of hospitality establishments, many wholesalers were left with perishable stock that they needed to shift. Adventoris’ new B2C model allowed these businesses to sell their stock directly to the consumer.

Adventoris CEO, James Clarkson, explains: “2020 has brought incredibly challenging times for many businesses, especially those who depend on external sales teams to go out and physically take orders face to face, or those in industries severely affected by the lockdown situation, such as food and drink where the normal sales channels were disrupted.

“The software industry, in particular e-commerce, has grown considerably due to the pandemic as online retail has intensified and retailers have had to shift to digital sales, as more consumers shop online.

“To accommodate this growing need, we were able to adapt our current B2B software model to fulfil the needs of our business customers as they shifted to target a more consumer-based market to sell their products to.

“Our success during this time is simply a bi-product of our ambition to ensure companies across the UK and beyond are operating as well and as resourceful as they can be.”

Adventoris is now looking to roll out its B2C model to a wider market as online retail grows and more businesses look to e-commerce as a long-term solution.

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