Integrated B2B Ecommerce with SwiftCloud

The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App designed and built exclusively for wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers gives your customers 24/7 access to you. Custom branded and supporting the most complex of orders, increase trade order value and volume today by introducing your very own custom intelligent ordering app.

Take the Hassle Out of Customer Relationships…

The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App gives your customer 24/7 access to you. It builds your relationship even closer.
It can save you time and money and it can save them time and money.
He or she can use it whenever and wherever they want. It goes around with them in their pocket, in their premises, at home, or even on the golf course or in the bar, to give them instant access to you and your resources to help them run their business, at any time. And, the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is personalised to your company brand and colours, to your liking. It saves you and your customer so much time.

We are Simply a Touch Away!

Get the best out of your customer relationships at any time with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. Your customer can access what they need to know to order in confidence, whenever they want and wherever they might be. Your brand and company colours will shine at them from their mobiles day and night, speeding up their actions and reminding them of you and how you have helped them in their business.

Help your field sales managers to manage their accounts better by avoiding inaccurate or out-of-date information with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. And, give them access to sales data and management reporting.

Cut down on the everyday, admin tasks that your teams did before and that can so easily be done now through the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. Redirect them to more profitable tasks like gaining new customers and increasing order value.

Give your customers access to vital product and technical information with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. Help them to be seen to be more knowledgeable and avoid any problems with customer allergies or legal information.
Get rid of those costly errors like mis-keying and lost orders with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. Improve customer retention and reduce returns with their increased risk of damage.
Avoid enquiries on stock availability and delivery dates with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. Have all the information there, Simply a Touch Away!
The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is extremely versatile and can be configured and custom-made to meet your special requirements. It is easy to use and can be up and running to your specifications within 6-8 weeks. It will revolutionise your customer relationships and save both of you time and money, all the time.

Your customers are Simply a Touch Away!

Receive all your orders electronically with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, with the capability of handling 24/7 ordering, letting you be there to deliver excellent service all the time

Cut down on those time-consuming enquiries on stock availability, product & technical information, catalogue & range stocking, delivery dates and pricing with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, giving your customers more information at their fingertips, and saving them up to 50% of their time to order!
Dovetail special offers and promotions to any defined group of customers on SwiftCloud B2B Mobile app, or to just the one customer, if you want!
Personalise your SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. This is our speciality, designing unique and strong branded approaches with your own login/splash screen for all our clients. You will be the sole supplier on the app. There is even a group app for multiple companies, if required.
We offer additional SwiftCloud modules to make you even more e-commerce-capable for your customers and sales teams. Your customers can order from the web, and your sales managers on the move from their tablets!
Garner invaluable management data from the behaviour of customers on the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, to target future promotions and sales activity more accurately
Enjoy two-way conversations with specific customers on SwiftChat on the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App in a secure environment
Apps deliver 2.5 times higher retention rates than mobile web-sites – convenience and reliability generate customer loyalty
App users interact 2.8 times more than mobile web-users – so you can always be seen, poised to assist your customer at all times
97% of Push Notifications are read, compared with just 4% for email
A custom-build app for you from SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is Simply a Touch Away