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Introducing nine powerful B2B modules to digitise your business.

The unrivalled B2B ordering SaaS platform- specifically developed for wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers. With nine powerful modules designed to revolutionise your B2B ordering processes, seamlessly integrating with your existing ERP system, supporting the most complex of orders.
B2B Mobile App
B2B Web Portal
B2B Sales Manager App
B2B Email Ordering
B2B Telesales Portal
B2C Mobile App
Push Notifications
PO Authorisation
Quotation Module

Designed for B2B ordering and built around you!

Branded with your company logo, colours, and imagery the SwiftCloud app is designed to encourage ordering and increase both ease and enjoyment of the customer journey. Your company app will be available for your customers to download in the App Store or in Google Play.
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All the features of the B2B Mobile App on Desktop!

The SwiftCloud Web Portal is the perfect solution for those customers who prefer to order via a desktop computer or laptop. The Web Portal automatically syncs with your SwiftCloud App, your ERP system and any other SwiftCloud modules you may want to add-on.
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The SwiftCloud Sales Manager App

Boost your Sales Managers productivity with the SwiftCloud Sales Manager App. The ultimate tool for Sales Managers, whether dealing with accounts internally or out in the field.
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The SwiftCloud Email Ordering

SwiftCloud Email Ordering uses the latest technology to read orders sent via email and place them in your back-end system with minimal fuss.
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The SwiftCloud Telesales Portal

The process of inputting orders via telephone can sometimes be slow or cumbersome. The SwiftCloud Telesales Portal will ensure that your sales team are working to the best of their ability with our lightning-fast digital order input experience.
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The SwiftCloud B2C Mobile App

Sell directly to the end user with the SwiftCloud B2C app. Available as an add on to the SwiftCloud B2B ordering app or as a stand-alone platform. If you’re already selling to the trade, with SwiftCloud you can now unlock the ability to sell to both businesses and the end user utilising one on unbeatable, custom branded B2C app.
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SwiftCloud Push Notifications

SwiftCloud Push Notifications give your business complete control of any communications sent out to your customers. Information which is relayed within a Push Notification is completely customisable. Perfect for informing your customers about any special offers, new stock or seasonal promotions. Inactivity sequences can also be created which would automatically trigger a notification to be sent to a specific customer device if the app hasn't been opened for a specified amount of time.
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SwiftCloud PO Authorisation

SwiftCloud PO Authorisation allows you to have a set of values in place before orders must be approved. For example, if orders large in value size need approval, a limit such as £100 can be set. This is ideal for businesses which insist on large value orders being processed by management. Alternatively, if all orders need approval before processing, the limit can be set at a default of £0.
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SwiftCloud Quotation Module

Customers can build an order as usual using the simple SwiftCloud interface. However, rather than check out as usual, the customer can request a quote. Once the quote has been requested, the supplier can update and edit the quoted price. Quotes will then be sent directly back to the customer for rejection or approval before the order is processed.
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