Fellowes has launched a new sales app for its Benelux market following the successful rollout of the app across its Spanish and Italian counterparts.

Created by Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Adventoris, the app features SwiftCloud software designed to support distributors and wholesalers in streamlining their customer and sales processes.

SwiftCloud provides businesses with a platform that enables their customers to see products, communicate with the company, and make orders 24/7. SwiftCloud can save customers over 50 per cent in ordering time. Clients have also experienced basket sales increasing by 15 per cent when utilising this technology with customers.

Samantha Vodden, business systems manager – Europe at Fellowes, said: “We are constantly evolving to add value to the customer experience. Creating systems that are user-friendly and efficient. Developing our sales app in numerous languages not only provides a more streamlined process for our international clients but has allowed the company to maintain its position in the sector and target new global markets.

“We have introduced sales apps in different languages in recent years and have seen our sales go up. This is as customers respond to a faster and simpler way to make orders. As well as launching the app in the Benelux region, we are also looking at adding more language options to the app as we break into new markets.”

Increasing Sales
Since investing in SwiftCloud technologies, Fellowes’ orders per month have been reaching over £200,000.

Over the last 12-months, SwiftCloud has made significant strides in developing its language offerings. Enabling it to further support global clients like Fellowes. SwiftCloud can currently be developed in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and French.

James Clarkson, CEO of Adventoris said, “it’s been a complex process to deliver our first Benelux app. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the app meets both our standards and Fellowes’ requirements.

“Adopting different languages to the software will open up more opportunities in the international market. This has always been part of our long-term business plan. It also makes the SwiftCloud product even more inclusive.”

Aman Shergill, CTO at Adventoris added, “it was an intricate job, changing fixed labels throughout the two existing mobile app platforms and desktop module to replace them with labels stored in a database with country codes. We worked closely with the Fellowes team to constantly review the project and get the platform right.

“It is a credit to our hardworking development team that we have made such progress. Adapting our product to different markets and their language requirements.”