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Hills Prospect

Hills Prospect are the largest independent drinks distributor in London and the South East of England
Case Study

The Problem

Like many wholesalers, Hills Prospect found their previous format of processing email orders to be something of a challenge. The emails, which would arrive in different formats would be manually inputted by their team, whilst simultaneously managing their telesales. This resulted in precious time being effectively wasted. As a result, Hills Prospect wanted to streamline their ordering system, in turn bolstering their own efficiency as a business. This desire for a digitised ordering system was where SwiftCloud, the market leader for wholesale ordering apps came into consideration.

"One of our biggest challenges was the processing of customer email orders which could equate to circa 60 on a normal Monday". Ivan Humm of Hills Prospect admits. "The issue was that these would arrive in different formats and would have to be manually input onto our system as well as our telesales team making their 240 calls


I believe one of the biggest selling points of SwiftCloud is the customer shopping list as we have managed to upload all current sales history into categories saving our customers time and effort when they first use the App
I am sure that this relationship will continue to grow as both parties learn more about each other

The Solution

The end goal was an increased level of efficiency and an increased level of efficiency is what Hill’s Prospect received through the introduction of SwiftCloud with Ivan adding ‘The whole process has now been refined and our efficiency with those customers that were originally ordering via email has greatly improved.’ Despite already having a strong relationship with their customers, Hills Prospect have also been able to further enhance that relationship by offering a ‘platform that has met the needs of our customers who continually use it.’

Seamless ERP integration
Complex ordering supported
Secure and rigorous platform
Detailed customer database
Custom branded platform
Fast repeat ordering for customers
Shopping list building
Tech support and guidance
SwiftCloud have strived to meet our every demand
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