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Continental Quattro Stagioni (CQS) is a leading importer, agent, and distributor of over 1,500 speciality Italian and Continental foods, wines, liqueurs and spirits.
Case Study

The Problem

Prior to introducing SwiftCloud, CQS handled their orders using traditional methods which would result in a high rate of errors.  “We handled approximately 95% of our orders manually, resulting in our telesales team being occupied with phone calls throughout the day. Consequently, error rates were higher due to occasional over-capacity situations.

When customers expressed interest in viewing our products, we had to arrange for a salesperson to meet them or send a presenter providing information about our SKUs.”

The CQS app serves as an excellent business tool for us. It has enabled us to enhance our efficiency and provide customers with an alternative ordering method, adapting to the continually changing technological landscape.
Customers now have the ability to access product information independently, eliminating the need to reach out to us for assistance. This time-saving feature benefits all parties involved.

The Solution

The introduction of SwiftCloud was a perfect counter measure to resolve the high error rates CQS were experiencing within their previous ordering process. “The implementation has significantly streamlined the ordering process by greatly reducing the need for manual inputting of orders, which previously resulted in instances of input errors. When a customer submits an order through the app, it seamlessly integrates into our system, requiring us only to monitor for any out-of-stock SKUs, which are automatically flagged in a separate report.”

The implementation of SwiftCloud within the business has also resulted in CQS enhancing their relationship with customers. "The utilisation of the CQS app has enhanced our customer relationships by empowering them to have greater control over the ordering process. In the event of any errors, it is now more evident where the mistake originated. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to place orders anytime and from anywhere, without being confined to our office's opening hours.”

Not only have CQS seen a decrease in input errors since implementing SwiftCloud but it has also improved other aspects of the ordering process. “We've observed a rise in sales value from customers who utilise the app for placing orders. With access to our complete product range, they can include SKUs in their basket that they might have overlooked if ordering via phone or email. Moreover, having a shopping list to reference makes it less probable for them to overlook items they might have missed in the past when placing orders.”

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We've observed a rise in sales value from customers who utilise the app for placing orders.
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