Our Product


A solution to help all businesses track, collate and manage their sales orders.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by customers calling and emailing your business to place their regular stock orders?



SwiftCloud is made for your business.

Receive your sales orders from your customers on one single platform, send promotions and special offers direct to your customer base. The online supplier dashboard gives you full access to sales analysis, showing real time ordering and your full product catalogue. With no upfront investment, SwiftCloud could save you up to 80% on customer service costs whilst growing your top line sales and bottom line profits.

Life Before


Your customers send orders using multiple methods such as phone and fax.

Which are processed manually by a team of customer service representatives.

Life Before Swift Cloud
Life Before Swift Cloud

Life After


With SwiftCloud, any sized customer can send their orders using the SwiftCloud app which then gets processed automatically.

Life After Swift Cloud


How SwiftCloud works for you…

Your customer uses the SwiftCloud App to search through your product range and check stock availability, pricing and delivery dates. Customers can scan your products using the barcode scanner on the App and add them into their basket.

Once your customer submits their order through the App you receive it instantly on the SwiftCloud platform. You can then import the sales orders into your business operating system (ERP) in an instant, then simply process the orders and ship the goods in the normal way.

As your SwiftCloud network grows and more customers join, more of your orders can be processed in this way.

How can SwiftCloud benefit your business?

Grow top lines sales and bottom line profits

  • Remove manual data entry by receiving orders electronically from smaller customers
  • Save up to 80% of customer service costs or redeploy order processing resources to sales generation
  • 24 hour a day ordering, your business will never close
  • Send promotions and special offers to your customer base


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